Geothermal heating

Typical Geothermal Borehole

Construction of a typical Geothermal borehole
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Low temperature heat from the natural environment - in this case the earth - is collected via a closed loop system.

Normally installed by our experienced engineers within vertical boreholes lined with heat conductive grout for optimum performance. A heat pump linked to an electrically powered heat condensor within an evaporation and condensation cycle raises water temperature within the circuit to meet your hot water and heating requirements.

The system is suitable for underfloor heating, radiators or air fans in addition to providing a hot water supply.

With the cost of fossil fuels constantly rising, and global warming posing an ever increasing threat to our future, ground source heating must represent a sound investment.

The images on this page show the construction and some components of a ground source heating system.

A correctly installed closed-loop heat collector within a vertical borehole - typically in excess of 100m depth - will guarantee a constant heat return, regardless of season, weather or the amount of sunshine available.

Typical Geothermal Borehole
simplified schematic of a vertical ground source
heating system, showing multiple loops,
heat pump & storage vessel
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water pipe & distribution manifolds


Hautec Heat Pump & Water Storage

Hautec Heat Pump
& Water Storage

Heat Collector grouted
to ground surface

Geothermal Project Gallery - Alban Court, Aberaeron
Project: Alban Court, a prestigious new development in Aberaeron, Ceredigion
Developer: Kevin Jones
Requirement: 2 x 102m vertical boreholes
9Kw heat pump
Drillers: Teifi Valley Water Wells
Installer: P A Carruthers (for Worcester Bosch)
Arriving on Site
Arriving on Site
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Down goes another drill rod under the watchful eye of our Senior Driller Mast up, ready to drill
Mast up, ready to drill
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  The hammer goes down...
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Alban Court - Geothermal loop in. Depth 100m 2nd loop in the ground & grouted. Job done!
1st loop grouted to surface
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2nd loop in the ground & grouted. Job done!
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Alban Court - Georgian Style Villa; 2 x 100m geothermal loops in vertical boreholes; 9kw Worcester Heat Pump Houses in Alban Court completed to the highest specification
Houses in Alban Court completed to the highest specification
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More Information

Offering water source and heating solutions to Farmers, Rural Landowners, Rural Businesses and Communities. We have over 30 years' experience in drilling boreholes for water and ground source heat, and can arrange for all external and internal installations. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and will be happy to arrange regular maintenance of our installations.

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