Water Supply
Pure water is the most precious liquid on our planet; essential to support life in any form.

Using proven technology and many years experience, we drill to the required depth for an adequate water supply to your home or business.
Geothermal Heating
Low temperarture heat, from the natural environment...

With the cost of fossil fuels constantly rising, ground source heating must represent a sound investment.
Wind Power
With increasing energy costs, a wind turbine could complete your sustainable water & heating system.

Short about us
We have over 30 years' experience in drilling boreholes for water and ground source heat, and can arrange for all external and internal installations. We also cater for the creation & restoration of Ponds, Lakes, Drainage Ditches & Water Courses, Earth Banks, etc. for all environmental projects.
Contacting Us
We are located in Lampeter, West Wales
We can be contacted by phone, on 01570 422 110 or 07817 350 498,
or by email
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"Any time, any hole, any place - so long as it's in Wales!!"